Edmundite 175th Anniversary

To celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Society of Saint Edmund's we invited members of the community to share their memories of Saint Michael's founding order.

Susan Kuntz, Professor of Psychology (SMC)

Saint Michael’s College was at the top of the list when Norb and I were looking at job opportunities many years ago. What we knew about the school came through the Edmundites. Being active in movements through the 1960s (especially in Selma) we knew about their social justice mission and their tireless work towards human dignity. So we came and the Edmundites themselves and their teaching and work have dominated my life for years.

It all began the first year we moved here when Father D”Agostino came to our little living space and built a counter so we’d have someplace to eat in the kitchen. And Fr. Joe Hart talked to me about students and their plights in life that pened up learning in a new way. Of course there was Fr. Ouellet who continually reminded me about the arch on Selma and how important it was. Father Steve watched over my daughter Katie as she spend a year volunteering in Selma. And Father Dave put me up for a semester when I was on sabbatical I New Orleans. Not only were these men quick to respond with thoughtful and meaningful words it was the action that they took that represented true compassion and empathy–strengths I will always be working on but that I saw mostly represented in these find men.

Of course one Edmundite who has significantly affected my life is Father Mike Cronogue. I knew him as a student in my graduate class, a confidant, a mentor and a friend. Three weddings and two funerals–he helped me through them all from understanding something about “daughter-in-law” to that deep feeling of adaptation and resilience that allows one to live with purpose and meaning.

Yes, the Edmundites have been important in my life. I am thankful for their knowledge, connection, and actions that makes all our lives richer.

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