Edmundite 175th Anniversary

To celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Society of Saint Edmund's we invited members of the community to share their memories of Saint Michael's founding order.

Philip Ciulla, Jr ‘73

The Edmundites are made up of some pretty spectacular men! They have great insight and instantaneously make you feel welcome. I was originally registered to attend Villanova when I visited the college back in 1969. That day changed my life. I asked Maureen McNamara if I could have a tour and she set it right up. As I wandered the campus I came upon Fr. Ray and we chatted a bit. By the end of that short conversation, I made up my mind on the spot that St. Mike’s was for me. Father Tom is a classmate, a former co-trustee and one of my best friends. His friendship transcends times me and space. He is truly a man that helps others and cares deeply about his fellow man. His work on Ender’s Island in fact changes young men’s lives. Then there was Father Mike. A joy to be around 24/7. One night I had stayed in Nicole Hall and as I was getting ready to leave we were chatting. He was Superior General at the time. As we chatted he was preparing to take my bed linens and towels to have them washed. No task was beneath him. I miss him a lot. He always had a welcoming smile and would lend an attentive ear to many conversations and offer great insight. On another occasion Fr. Stan stayed with us in California while he was interviewing prospective novitiates. He was one of the family for a week. He even came and helped out at my son Kyle’s (‘19) soccer practice. These are just a few interactions of the thousands that I have had over the past 45 years. As one gets older and has greater perspective on life you realize that these men helped formulate us into the adults that we are today. And guess what they continue daily in that mission. May God continue to bless all the Edmundites for another 175 years!!

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