Edmundite 175th Anniversary

To celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Society of Saint Edmund's we invited members of the community to share their memories of Saint Michael's founding order.

Mike Philbrick ‘66

A young man graduates, ‘66 Catholic HS in FL. He is in the top 25% of the bottom of his class, 125/200. He decides to attend college in VT. Only one fits the formula: Catholic, men’s, liberal arts. SMC. He is accepted. So different is the learning environment. He graduates,1970, with honors. He meets and has a lifelong spiritual advisor, FR. RAY. He is exposed to wonderful educators, ordained and lay. He has lifelong friends. He is introduced to St. Ann’s Shrine. He is equipped to succeed in life. He resides, mostly in Alabama. He understands the impact and influence of the Edmundites outside of SMC. SELMA. Civil Rights. He retires in 2000. He studies through several years. A program is offered by the Diocese of Mobile at Spring Hill College. He now has the equivalent of a major in theology. Now he is more Christian than strictly RC. He attended a Black Church as a part of his studies. He attends other Christian churches. Nobody has a corner on Jesus. During the summer of ‘17 he is in Swanton, VT. He attends two churches on Sunday. Methodist and St. Ann’s. Gospels are often the same. Preaching is different. It becomes an academic exercise. Example. The gospel involving, … “ even the dogs get to eat the scraps from the table”. That Sunday, he learned, from an Edmundite, at St. Ann’s, Jesus first admonished the woman. She was not one of the chosen people. Jesus accepted her faith. He opened the door for me and others, gentiles. EDMUNDITES ARE TEACHERS. TEACHERS IN THE CLASSROOM. TEACHERS FROM THE ALTER. TEACHERS BY EXAMPLE, … SELMA.

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