Edmundite 175th Anniversary

To celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Society of Saint Edmund's we invited members of the community to share their memories of Saint Michael's founding order.

James (Jim) Willard, Ph.D.’61, Biology Adjunct since 2004

I would like to call your attention to the Reverend Aime Trahan, S.S.E. He was born August 6, 1909 and died August 14, 1984(?). Father Trahan was in Pontigny, France when the Nazi’s first occupied France. His experiences I will not present here but are worthy of note. Details can be found in news copy found in the SMC Archives. I strongly suggest his early life as a priest was both stressful and remarkable. Long after his escape from occupied France and return to the Edmudite’s, he was stationed as pastor of St. Elizabeth’s in Lyndonville, VT. I first met him when I was a freshman at Lyndon Institute. I served as an altar boy for four years, watching Father Trahan build and strengthen the parish. Frankly, he became a “father-figure” for me. He greatly influenced my choice of SMC. In 1961 my wife, Marjorie, and I were married by Father Trahan. He also late married our oldest daughter in the SMC Chapel.

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