Edmundite 175th Anniversary

To celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Society of Saint Edmund's we invited members of the community to share their memories of Saint Michael's founding order.

Alfred Scaia ‘56

From the first day I set foot on the campus of Saint Michael’s with my parents during a visit in 1951, I felt the love, caring, and welcoming nature of the Edmundites. In spite of the lack of a typical campus, it was basically a couple of permanent buildings and a group of Army barracks housing classrooms, dorms, dining hall, and infirmary, I knew then, if accepted, I would be attending Saint Michael’s College.

The four years at Saint Michael’s was everything I thought it would be. We were blessed to have Edmundites throughout our entire college experience. Besides being spiritual leaders, they were in the classrooms, dorms, administration, and even classmates. They established the environment of a home away from home that consisted of love and discipline.

I really got to know and appreciate the Edmundites after graduating. I became active in the Alumni Association and eventually became President. I was able to develop a personal relationship with most of them.

The following are examples of my experiences/relationships that allowed me to see firsthand the Edmundite way of excellence, love, humility, and importance of faith.

Fr. Boucher married Nancy and me and later asked me to be a St. Anne Shrine Board member. Our family spent
many weekends at the Shrine with Father.

Speaking of St. Anne’s Shrine, I recall Fr. Paulin raiding the refrigerator in the priest residence on campus to make
sandwiches and drive to the Shrine in Isle La Motte for a picnic with my family. Father was an excellent
photographer, artist, and woodcarver.

Over the years, we enjoyed many weekend visits at our homes by Father/Bishop Moses Anderson. He and my
daughter Ann established a special relationship. She received her First Communion at our summer home in
Vermont with him celebrating the Mass.

During my Alumni Association active years I attended Alumni Chapter dinners with Fr. Dupont when he was
President of the college. He was a brilliant scholar and yet very much committed to the well-being of the entire
St.Michael’s College community.

Father Ray Doherty continues to amaze us all with his zest for life, and love for the college. To this day, 62 years
later, i can count on his warm greetings and having discussions about our mutual friends like Joe and Amy Curtin.

To show my affection and appreciation for what the Edmundites meant to me and the entire Alumni, I established the Annual Alumni Association Edmundite Award. It was awarded each year to an Edmundite during Reunion weekend.

I will always cherish the Edmundite genuine warm greetings when returning to campus, visiting the Shrine, and their relaxing weekend visits at our homes.

I am forever grateful for the support, influence, and love of the Edmundies.

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